49th Security Division


We are the largest Cybersecurity club on the campus of UNC Charlotte. Since being founded in 2009 we have continued to promote ethical hacking, security education, and compete in premier security competitions.

How to Join

Join the 49SD Discord! We have a verification process in place to allow only UNC Charlotte students on the server. If you are not a UNC Charlotte student but are still interested in joining the 49th Security Division, then please send us an email.

Doing so will allow you to:

  • Participate in Meetings
    • We meet TBD in TBD.
  • Practice for competitions
  • Attend competition practices(For competitions that do not require membership)
  • View membership requirements in the Discord server.
  • Attend lab sessions

Lab Hours

  • TBD


  • President
    • Connor Harris
  • Vice President
    • Lily Gross
  • Treasurer
    • TBD
  • Secretary
    • Connor Drake
  • Officers
    • Zac Taylor
    • Alex Lemos - Lab Manager
    • Matt - Marketing
    • Kara Shelton
    • John Gopali
    • Amber Atkins
    • Wesley Greeter
Learn more about our history

Mini Challenges

To have a better grasp of the kind of challenges you could face in a capture the flag (CTF), here are a few practice exercises for you to try.


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    Please email us at 49thSecurityDivision (AT) uncc.edu for other inquiries including sponsorship.